Sunday, December 27, 2015

JumpStart your Famiy’s Healthy New Year with USANA Reset Foods & Dr. Oz Total 10 Plan.

As a mom, I have found that creating a healthy eating habits for my entire family is the secret to me achieving my health goals. If I have to stock different foods and cook separate meals for myself and my family, forget it…it’s doesn’t last long!

On top of that, feeding my family food that provides them with good nutrition and healthy balance of fats, unprocessed carbs, fibre and protein helps sustain our energy levels throughout the day, keeps me from scavenging the kitchen for munchies and keeps my kids from asking for snacks every 5 minutes!

A number of years ago I came across the USANA Reset Program when I was looking to lose weight after my third baby. I quickly discovered that this was not just another one of those diet programs out there. The basis of the Reset Program is creating a healthy Lifestyle and eating low glycemic which just so happens to have the side effect of weight-loss and a host of other health benefits. USANA’s entire food line is certified Low Glycemic and was, long before eating Low G. I. was popular.

The USANA foods are great as Grab-and-Go meal and snack options.The Fudge Delight Nutrition Bars and Vanilla & Chocolate Nutrimeal are staples in our home. In fact, I have an entire cupboard dedicated to the USANA Reset Foods. My teenage son has a breakfast shake nearly everyday and my younger ones love the bars in their school lunches. I also have a few handy in my purse and diaper bag at all times. Nutrimeal is also great for those days when our family schedule is crazy and there’s no time to cook.

Speaking of cooking, I have found Dr. Oz’s Total Ten Rapid Weight-loss Plan fits in perfectly with USANA’s Reset Program. It has some really great recipe’s that the whole family can enjoy. Here are a few of my Favourite recipes.

Click Here for a 10 step run down of the plan for mom's who want to lose weight and keep it off this New Year.

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