Monday, December 21, 2015

The Healthy Alternative to Baby Rice Cereal.

With my first 3 babies I kinda just went with the flow and trusted what mainstream doctors and media suggested they eat. But over the last several years I have learned a lot and taken on more personal responsibility for the health of myself and my family. I don't do things perfectly, that's for sure, but I do try.

So with the birth of our latest lil one I decided to do a bit of research into what foods really are best for babies to start on. Turns out their needs are pretty much the same as ours. Once their digestive system is mature, at around 6 months, it's ready. The only thing to really be concerned with is honey before the age of 1 and egg whites. It used to be that doctors would recommend staying away from foods that many people are allergic to such as peanuts but now they are realizing that introducing these foods at an early age actually helps the body become accustomed to them and lowers the risk of food allergies later in life.

It also turns out that there's not a whole lot of science as to why we have been feeding our babies highly processed cereals such as rice cereal which often is tainted with arsenic of all things. Yikes! Could it be that processed baby cereals have contributed to the rise in childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes? I would be willing to bet on it since rice breaks down into sugar fairly quickly in our body and therefore rapidly spikes our blood sugar which overtime reduces our response to insulin.

All the research that has been coming out lately has been showing our bodies need a healthy balance of slow digesting carbs, healthy fats, fiber and protein + supplementation of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are no longer abundant in our food. So I figured why not start my baby out on something a little more..ok A LOT more balanced than rice cereal. That is why I chose Nutrimeal Free. It's not marketed as a baby food per's a Certified Low Glycemic meal replacement powder that is non-GMO and has a perfect balance of fats, carbs, fiber and plant based protein. I use it as a base instead of baby cereals and add different combinations fo fruits and veggies.

As a mother of 4 I am all about things that are quick easy and convenient. I would love to be one of those super mom's that is a green thumb and makes everything from scratch but honestly I'm just not so I have decided to shop local and organic as much as possible find food brands that are backed by science and are creating products with integrity. Yes, there are a few of them still out there ;)

Also, my Magic Bullet has been wonderful for quickly mixing up "nutritious baby blends" I call them. I have been enjoying experimenting with different is a "blend" I threw together a few mornings ago and my baby boy loved it!

Today's Nutritious Baby Blend
2 servings

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