Monday, December 21, 2015

USANA Now A Trusted Partner And Sponsor Of The Dr. Oz Show

"For the Dr. Oz Show to call any company a Trusted Partner and Sponsor, it must meet certain criteria. Chief among them is integrity. We've done our research and found USANA to be an outstanding company. One that offers cutting-edge products that we here at the show would feel comfortable recommending to our wonderful audience," said Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon and three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning Host of the three-time Emmy Daytime Award-winning The Dr. Oz Show.

"My relationship with USANA has grown into one of deep admiration and mutual respect. It is clear that USANA and I share a common vision to make a positive impact on the health of others. It's a natural relationship with the Dr. Oz Show," added Dr. Oz. I absolutely adore the USANA Products and Company because of their Integrity and Mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of people around the world. That is a Big reason why I choose to represent the company and products after being introduced to them over 6 years ago." ~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

USANA's mission started over 20 years ago with one man's DREAM to make a difference.

“I find it tragic that the vast majority of people leave this earth too soon and spend too many of their years in pain and suffering. In a sense, we are living too short and dying too long. Chronic degenerative diseases are rampant throughout the world. Cancer accounts for one in every four deaths in the United States while heart disease is responsible for one in every three deaths. Only a small percentage of us will die of old age. I recognized many years ago that optimal, cellular nutrition is key to maintaining long-term good health. Since that time, I have made it my life’s mission to help people live healthier lives through scientific research, advanced nutritional products, cutting-edge medical facilities and progressive humanitarian work. I believe that with the help of exceptional nutrition, people can live healthier lives, and I’m excited about sharing this good news with others.” ~ USANA Founder, Dr. Myron Wentz. 

 I am super pumped about this partnership & I look forward to writing more about it in the future and giving you tips to help you live a healthier, happier life!

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