Saturday, January 2, 2016

15 Fun Facts about me

  1. I have a mennonite heritage. My parents were raised traditional mennonite; wearing kerchiefs, speaking low-german, living simply and following the teachings of Meno Simons. I have the roots and the faith in Jesus but I don’t follow the most of the customs and traditions. I have discovered a personal relationship with God that has brought freedom from the rules and regulations of religion.
  2. I am sort of a computer tech geek...not on purpose, just from years of googling how to's and solutions. I have built my website from scratch and am "that person" you call when you can't figure something out. 
  3. I had my first baby when I was 16 and have been a single mom twice over in my lifetime. I'll share those stories in up-coming blog posts :)
  4. I have a tattoo on my left hand that I am not proud of. Thank-fully it's just a smily face but still!
  5. I’m an introvert who has overcome the fear of speaking in public. However, I do still prefer one on one conversations with close friends and am energized by peace and quiet reflection.
  6. I have lived in 3 provinces and 2 different countries and taught English as a Second Language in China.
  7. I love houseplants. I have about 20 of them right now and am always adding to my collection...but I forget to water them. Amazingly, they have kinda adapted to my lack of care.
  8. I am fascinated with rocks. Wherever I go I usually end up bringing a few home to add to my collection.
  9. When I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronaut or a scientist. During my my teens I wanted to be a phycologist. 
  10. I get my interest and holistic health and nutrition from my grandmother, who is a reflexologist and has been passing on her knowledge of herbs and alternative health tips to me since I was a little girl.
  11. Over the past several years I have received a free wellness education taught by some top doctors and experts in health and Nutrition via webcast compliments of USANA.
  12. I have an obsession with baskets & boxes...especially tiny ones. So does my mom. It must be genetic :P
  13. I enjoy journaling, especially with InkJoy pens, for 3 reason's... 1. Journaling helps me process my thoughts and keeps me san. 2.Joy is my middle name. 3. Coloured pens make me happy.
  14. Did I mention I love Dark Chocolate?
  15. I thoroughly enjoy organizing things and have passed on this "life skill" to my children.... this is where the baskets and tiny boxes come in ;)

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