Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Wars, Destiny and 2016 New Years Resolutions

Recently, I watched the much anticipated movie, Star Wars, The Force Awakens.

I am by no means, a Star Wars "super fan" but I am married to one and have sat through family Star Wars marathons, on more than one occasion. As a result, I have grown an appreciation for this time loved series.

There were some profound statements and messages that stuck out to me from Star Wars, The Force Awakens.Without going into too much detail, so as not to spoil it for those of you who have not yet seen the movie,  I will share my thoughts. If you have already seen the movie, you'll understand the context of these lines, spoken by the character Maz.

"I see your eyes - you already know the truth."

"The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead."

What a wise and powerful statement to grab hold of, as we step into 2016 and set our new years resolutions. Many times, myself included, we get stuck in certain areas of our lives and become comfortable....even though we really aren't all that comfortable. Our health...or un-health for example. Could be something else for you.

We settle in the "wasteland," scavenging to get by. We may be there as a result of our own actions or as the result things that have happened to us. Either way, it becomes part of our identity. Our time there serves a purpose, but we are not destined to stay there.

When opportunities come around, we hesitate. We have dreams. We wish things were different but we try to convince ourselves that if we just sit tight, maybe things will magically change. Besides, this is who we are now. We don't realize the strength we have within.

If we do take a few steps forward, we get scared and turn back. We run, we hide and self-sabatoge so that we can return to what we know, what has become comfortable.

Fear threatens our destiny.

If you have seen the movie, you know what character I am referring to and the end of the story, or at least as much as has been revealed to the masses, until the next Star Wars movie is released.

What is "the belonging you seek?" What is your dream...

Continuing with the Health example...
You already know your first step. You can't do much of anything without your health so you have set a New Years Resolution to Detox, Eat Better, Lose Weight or it maybe something else for you.

Draw some inspiration from Star Wars.
Push Yourself. Fight. Resist your fears. You'll discover a strength you never knew you had that will propel you even closer to achieving your Destiny.

Cheers to you & your New Years Resolutions!

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