Saturday, February 6, 2016

8 Low Glycemic Shake Recipes to Reset Your Body

1. Chocolate Banana Blast

2.  Vanilla Berry-licious

Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes: The Quick Prep Solution

One of my all time favourite recipe books is Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes Cookbook. It is in this book that learned how to get organized for a week of healthy cooking for myself and my family with the Quick Prep Solution. 

Meals in Minutes is so much more than just another cookbook...It has an excellent Menu planning guide, sample meal plans, a customizable shopping list, Glycemic Index tables of Low, Medium and High Glycemic Foods, Snack Lists and much more. I find it really handy to have the calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber shown per serving for each recipe as well as which Phase of The RESET Program each dish can be eaten. 

This book is a must have resource for any mom who is wanting to make healthy eating a lifestyle for the entire family!

The Quick Prep Solution

Select your Reset Friendly Recipes for the week, create your shopping list and purchase the things you need and then set a side a time to do some food prep to make cooking throughout the week faster and also have healthy meals & snacks ready to grab & go. 

Step 1 Plan two cook days per week, such as Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Step 2 Cook 2 to 4 lean proteins that you will be using in your selected meal recipes over the next 3 to 4 days. Amounts will depend on your family size. Store in air tight containers and refrigerate.

My Go-To Grab-and-Go Healthy Fast Foods

A number of years ago I came across the USANA Reset Program & the USANA Foods when I was looking to lose weight after my third baby. I quickly discovered that this was not just another one of those diet programs out there but actually an incredibly healthy way of eating for my entire family. 

I learned how to cook differently and what to look for on food labels to determine if a food was actually healthy or not.

Can I get all the Nutrition I Need without Supplements?

Over the past decade I have become a big believer in our need from nutritional supplements. This belief has come from both personal experience and research I have done on this topic as well as seeing the difference high quality nutritional supplements have made in the health...or un-health of people I know.

Nutritional Value of Food is Decreasing
There was a time in history, when nutritional supplements where not necessary but the truth is that the world is a very difference place than it was even 20-30 years ago and the way our foods are grown and processed has affected their nutritional value.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Power of the Glycemic Index

Years ago, long before it was mainstream medical knowledge, I learned about the Power of the Glycemic Index and how avoiding high glycemic index foods is crucial to cutting your cravings and having consistent energy through out the day.

Once I learned this secret, Weight-loss became so much easier.

The glycemic index measures how fast a carb breaks down into sugar to be utilized as energy or stored in your fat cells as "energy reserves."

A high glycemic food breaks down very fast and give you the spike in energy… and usually a crash afterwards which causes an uncontrollable craving to get your blood sugar back up! Think eating a bunch of candy for quick energy and then crashing and raiding your cupboards for more junk food!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What to Do After the 5 Day Reset?

After you have completed the 5 Day Reset Cleanse you have 2 options..

Transform or Maintain?  
Use the 3 Questions in the Video to help you decide which Phase to move on to. Whatever option you decide, make sure you have enough shakes, bars and supplements on hand to continue on your path to reaching your health and fitness goals.

4 Key Health Principals of the Reset Program

It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the constantly changing information from the media and the Internet about wellness and weight-loss. Much of this is just sales hype and not based on real science. It's created to feed off of our desperate search for a magic pill to fast track weight-loss and skip the healthy lifestyles that we all know we need to implement to look and feel better.

Over the years I have found 4 Key Health Principles that seem  to keep popping up in the science of optimal health and wellness and they are:
  • Exercise
  • Support / Accountability
  • Healthy Eating
  • Nutrition

Why Diets Don't Work & the Solution

Most diets don’t work because they are a short term solution for a long term problem. 
Usually diets focus on eliminating or minimizing a certain thing and are often out of balance and end up proving to be more damaging to your body than anything else PLUS, they just are not sustainable.
I'm talking about the Fad Diets like Low Carb...No Carb, High Protein, Low Cal, Liquids only, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper & Maple Syrup...believe me, I have tried them all to no avail!!
The truth is the human body needs a balanced diet and nutrition and there is not a magic pill that is going to change that.

This is what typically happens when you jump on the bandwagon of the latest diet craze:

What to Expect During the 5 Day Reset Cleanse?

So you're thinking about doing the 5 Day Reset Cleanse or maybe you just received your kit in the mail and you are wondering what to expect before you begin. Here's the low down...

People are often surprised at how satisfied they feel during this 5 Day Cleanse. This is for a few reasons:
  1. You are eating every 2-3 hours
  2. The USANA Foods are nutritionally balanced meal & snack replacements that include healthy fats, fibre and protein.
  3. The USANA Foods are certified Low Glycemic, meaning they help to stabilize your blood sugar levels which helps keep you feeling satisfied. (Depending on activity levels some people do feel hungry. In such cases there is an extra list of approved foods to help satisfy your hunger. This is NOT a starvation diet.)
If you are like most people you have been consuming sugars, preservatives, caffeine, and/or highly processed foods. As a result your body will go through a detoxification process while on this program. As your body rids itself of toxins you may feel nauseated, achy or get a headache. This is normal. The good news is that once those toxins are gone, you will feel fabulous. Most people have the hardest time on Day 3, so I recommend that you plan a special treat — like a massage, spa treatment or relaxing bubble bath.

What is the USANA Reset Program?

I want to stress, this is not just another hyped up low calorie diet. Diets don’t work. Period.  Countless people have had their lives changed as a result of the USANA Reset Program.

This is a 3 Phase Program called RESET and it begins with a 5 Day Cleanse that is designed to help reset your body and your eating habits. Each day, you’ll replace your meals with shakes (They taste good...I promise!), while having delicious protein snack bars in between. It’s a very simple program for those five days.

The goal is to help you lose the cravings for sweet and salty snacks. After the five day program most people have kicked those cravings and on average lose about 5 pounds. Once you have reset your body and cut your cravings, it's much easier to create healthy eating habits using whole foods and stay on track to achieve your health goals. 

Get more details by watching this 3 minute video...