Saturday, February 6, 2016

Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes: The Quick Prep Solution

One of my all time favourite recipe books is Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes Cookbook. It is in this book that learned how to get organized for a week of healthy cooking for myself and my family with the Quick Prep Solution. 

Meals in Minutes is so much more than just another cookbook...It has an excellent Menu planning guide, sample meal plans, a customizable shopping list, Glycemic Index tables of Low, Medium and High Glycemic Foods, Snack Lists and much more. I find it really handy to have the calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber shown per serving for each recipe as well as which Phase of The RESET Program each dish can be eaten. 

This book is a must have resource for any mom who is wanting to make healthy eating a lifestyle for the entire family!

The Quick Prep Solution

Select your Reset Friendly Recipes for the week, create your shopping list and purchase the things you need and then set a side a time to do some food prep to make cooking throughout the week faster and also have healthy meals & snacks ready to grab & go. 

Step 1 Plan two cook days per week, such as Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Step 2 Cook 2 to 4 lean proteins that you will be using in your selected meal recipes over the next 3 to 4 days. Amounts will depend on your family size. Store in air tight containers and refrigerate.

Boil up a batch of Chicken breasts to have them ready to throw in stirfry’s, grill and add to salads etc.

Fry, rinse and drain extra lean ground beef, wild game and/or ground Turkey and Chicken.

Boil a batch of eggs to have on hand for quick healthy snacks.

Step 3 Chop & slice fresh, washed vegetables. Prepare a large salad of your favorite vegetables. Place in air tight containers.

Step 4 Prepare salsa, spreads, dips and healthy dressings for the upcoming week using fresh herbs.

Complete your fridge prep by having an assortment of fruit, low fat dairy products, eggs, healthy oils (flaxseed, Coconut etc) and commercial condiments (low fat mayo, mustards, low fat dressings)

Stock your freezer with bags of frozen fruit, berries, vegetables, good quality proteins and ice for smoothies.

Stock your Pantry with low glycemic items including: dried or canned legumes, slow cook oats, steal cut oats, canned fish, salsas, tomato sauce, tomato paste and condiments.

*You are now ready to assemble healthy meals for the week. (Use left overs at the end of the week in a “Clean Sweep” Soup, Salad or Stir Fry.)

I highly recommend getting a copy of “Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes Cookbook” by Laura Kalina & Cheryl Christian for a detailed outline of the Quick Prep Solution & corresponding recipes. In future posts I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes from this cookbook!

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