Thursday, February 4, 2016

What is the USANA Reset Program?

I want to stress, this is not just another hyped up low calorie diet. Diets don’t work. Period.  Countless people have had their lives changed as a result of the USANA Reset Program.

This is a 3 Phase Program called RESET and it begins with a 5 Day Cleanse that is designed to help reset your body and your eating habits. Each day, you’ll replace your meals with shakes (They taste good...I promise!), while having delicious protein snack bars in between. It’s a very simple program for those five days.

The goal is to help you lose the cravings for sweet and salty snacks. After the five day program most people have kicked those cravings and on average lose about 5 pounds. Once you have reset your body and cut your cravings, it's much easier to create healthy eating habits using whole foods and stay on track to achieve your health goals. 

Get more details by watching this 3 minute video...

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