Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why Diets Don't Work & the Solution

Most diets don’t work because they are a short term solution for a long term problem. 
Usually diets focus on eliminating or minimizing a certain thing and are often out of balance and end up proving to be more damaging to your body than anything else PLUS, they just are not sustainable.
I'm talking about the Fad Diets like Low Carb...No Carb, High Protein, Low Cal, Liquids only, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper & Maple Syrup...believe me, I have tried them all to no avail!!
The truth is the human body needs a balanced diet and nutrition and there is not a magic pill that is going to change that.

This is what typically happens when you jump on the bandwagon of the latest diet craze:

  1. You Start the Diet & see some results
  2. You Fall off the Diet because it's not sustainable and the body is deprived of balance
  3. You Begin to gain the weight back with a vengeance and end up heavier than when you started.
  4. You Feel Discouraged and may find it even more difficult to lose weight the next time you try because of the damaging effects of the unbalanced diet.
A Science Based Nutritionally Balanced "Diet" is the Solution.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to figure exactly what your body needs and responds to. You also need to consider your schedule, taste buds, and budget to make it sustainable and enjoyable. That said, there are some nutritional basic's that every body needs to function optimally.

One of the reasons I use and recommend USANA Health Science’s RESET Program is because it’s science based and not formulated according to the latest diet craze. It starts with a very simple easy-to-follow plan for the first five days which “resets” your body and help you lose the cravings for sweet and salty foods.

Cutting the Cravings is the Key to the whole Program.

When you’re no longer controlled by your junk food cravings, you’ll have the power to customize a healthy lifestyle plan that what works for you, setting you up for long term success.

Watch this video to learn the science behind the RESET Program.

Included with every Reset Kit is my Ultimate Reset Cleanse e-Guidebook + Free Access to the complete Reset Video Tutorials. These free resources are jam packed with everything you need to successfully complete all 3 Phases of the program including:
  • How to do the 5 Day Reset Cleanse
  • How to continue Losing Weight after the Cleanse
  • How to Maintain you Healthy Weight
  • 4 Key Health Principals
  • How to Determine if you need a Nutritional Supplement
  • What makes a good Nutritional Supplement
  • The Power of the Glycemic Index
  • Low Glycemic Cooking & Menu Planning
  • The Quick Prep Solution
  • Protein Calculator
  • Food Progression Chart 
  • Healthy Sweeteners Guide
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Weight & Measurement Tracking Chart
  • Menu Plan & Journal Sheets
  • and much more!

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