Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tim Bradley Talks to Dr. Oz about Digestion & USANA Digestive Enzyme

USANA Digestive Enzyme was featured on The Dr Oz Show with Timothy Bradley (WBO Welterweight Champion) on Monday, November 30th, 2015.

Segment Highlights

  • Dr. Oz recommended we chew each bite of food at least 25-50 times to properly digest food but acknowledged that chewing correctly often is not enough.
  • Supplements with a High quality, effective Digestive Enzyme helps digestion and nutrient absorption. It also receives gas & bloating.
  • Properly digested food allow the body to absorb nutrients efficiently to be optimally used as energy.
  • The Oatmeal Test - Tim mixed 1 USANA Digestive Enzyme into a warm bowl of oatmeal and  Dr. Oz had displayed another bowl without. In less than a minute the USANA Digestive Enzyme liquified the oatmeal, allowing it to be poured out while the other bowl remained thick.
  • Tim Bradley said he takes 1-3 tablets with a meal. (along with other USANA supplements including the USANA Essentials)