Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Food as Information: Unlocking the Code to Cellular Health

We know that the food we eat is fuel for our bodies. We often think of it in terms of calories.

We also know that the type of food equals the quality of fuel or calories which affect the health or un-health we experience in our bodies.

But have you ever thought about the food you eat as information--or misinformation that your cells use to communicate with each other?

That is the basis of what USANA Scientists have recently been focusing their cutting edge research and product development on. 

"We are about to take another dramatic leap forward in personalized nutrition... An announcement just as ground breaking to the world as our message was 20 years ago." 
~ Dr. Myron Wentz, Founder of USANA Health Sciences, Sanoviv Medical Institute and Albert Einstein Award Winner

Whole foods grown as nature intended have the exact structure and balance of macro and micro nutrients that our bodies were designed to breakdown and use to function in optimal health.

Processed, bio-engineered and genetically modified foods -- many of which have become staples in our diets today, confuse our bodies and even send damaging messages throughout our cells.

It's no wonder we feel like crap after that quick cheese-burger and "milk-shake" we grabbed for lunch yesterday.
“If you think about the breakdown of food and all those molecules inside that food, some of those molecules are literally messengers,” says Kevin Spelman, Ph.D., USANA’s executive vice president of research and development. “They transfer and carry information. They will trigger events in our physiology that are healthful, provided that the food we eat is nutritious.”
It's important that we make healthy choices and feed our cells the right information. But if we are honest, our culture makes that much easier said than done.

Even the "healthiest person you know" makes compromises in the types of food they eat on vacations, weekend BBQ's and so forth, not to mention the damaging environmental toxins we are all exposed to without even realizing it.

A 100% clean diet & lifestyle is next to impossible.
Does that mean all hope is lost? Are we destined for disease no matter how hard we try?
 “The good news is that USANA has thoroughly researched the cellular signaling process, and we really understand how that process works,” he Dr. Kevin says. “We’ve figured out how to unlock the code to the way cells communicate with each other.”
In the following video: Dr. Kevin talks about food and how it relates to our health. He offers hope in unlocking the tools inside our cells that have the power to keep us healthy. He further explains that USANA scientists are focusing on leveraging the body’s natural intelligence to create optimal health.

What they’ve discovered will unlock a new era in nutritional science.
And that era will begin on Aug. 25 

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