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An HONEST Review of USANA MySmartBars featured on Dr. Oz

Recently USANA Health Sciences launched an All-New Ultra Clean line of protein packed Shakes and Bars called USANA MySmartFoods. I have been a fan of the USANA foods for many years and our family consumes them daily so we have been much anticipating the launch of this re-formulated line.
I have been gearing up for the launch by taking in as many of the webinars and training as possible and have been blown away at the scientific research and development that has gone into re-formulating the USANA Foods. 

Let me tell you....

There is a reason why USANA has been named "The World Leader in Personalized Nutrition." 

Their team of scientists take macro-nutrients just as seriously as they do micro-nutrients. Over the past number of years deciphering what is actually "good-for-you" and what isn't has become increasingly confusing, wouldn't you say? 

I appreciate that USANA has not been quick to jump on all the latest health craze bandwagons and has spent the time, effort and money into getting down to the facts of things like sugar, sugar substitutes, fibre, carbs, fat, coconut oil, different types of protein, GMO ingredients etc. and their affect on and function in the human body.

A Review of the Cost of the MySmartBars

In the USA you pay $2.63/bar ($36.85 /a box of 14 before preferred customer discount, shipping/tax)
In Canada we pay $3.07/bar ($42.95/a box of 14 before preferred customer discount, shipping/tax)
(Click Here to Order)

I might be paying a lil more for my supplements, shakes and bars from USANA than from the average health food store, (In many cases the same), but to me it's worth it cause USANA has proven themselves and earned my hard earned dollars and my trust.

I have to be completely honest though... 

I didn't quite know what to expect when it came to the taste and texture of the new foods. I mean, I know USANA always delivers on the science and quality but there are challenges to making healthy and clean taste delicious and that is a major reason so many self proclaimed health companies make compromises. People don't buy what doesn't taste good no matter how big of a health nut they are.

When I saw "One Life to Live" actor Kamar de los Reyes on The Dr. Oz Show talking about his obsession with the MySmartBars my excitement grew to try them.
(Wednesday, July 20th Episode). 

He especially loved the Coconut Cashew bar and mentioned how the balance of protein, fibre and healthy fat kept him satisfied and energized throughout his busy days.

At this point, I had not yet tasted the MySmart Bars for myself and was now even more anxious for my parcel of products to arrive on my doorstep. Finally! A few days later it showed up. (only about a week after I had ordered but it felt like forever...)

I ripped open the box and the "West Family MySmartFoods Taste Testing Party" officially began. 

We tried all 3 flavours of the MySmart Bars as well as the The MySmartShake 3-Step System which I will review in an upcoming post.

Here is our Honest Review:

  • All 3 new MySmart Bars have a nugget type texture similar to the previous bars and are lightly sweetened with Tapioca Syrup
  • My favourite was the Peanut Butter Bar which has a drizzle of dark chocolate on top along with crushed peanuts...mmm!
  • The dark chocolate was just ok to tastes "healthy" to be honest, not like a real chocolate bar but still good. 
  • The coconut cashew was my husband's favourite and seems to be the favourite amongst many others from what I have heard. It's got dark chocolate drizzle as well and some coconut and crushed cashews sprinkled on top. This one was my least favourite...I don't know why... I like coconut but I think it's the cashew flavour that does not appeal to me.

Will my Kids like them?

  • My 2 year old loved all 3 of them right off the bat. 
  • My 7 year old wasn't sure at first but then she started loving the peanut butter and dark chocolate and asking to have one at every snack. 
  • My 11 year old does not like them at all.
  • My 17 year old liked the dark chocolate and the peanut butter
  • My boxes disappeared before I knew it!
UPDATE: Apparently taste buds CAN CHANGE because I now would rate the Coconut Cashew bar as my second or even first favourite USANA Protein Bar with the Chocolate being Third. My 11 year old's taste buds however have remained the same.

A Closer Look at the Label...

  • 150 calories or less
  • Whey and /or milk protein
  • Tapioca syrup
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Chocolate
  • Raw Cashews
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts

My Final Thoughts about the USANA MySmart Bars

To be perfectly honest, I was initially underwhelmed by the flavours. They are just so darn CLEAN and my north american taste buds wanted something more! But since I really am serious about cutting out sugar, processed foods and all that other junk I decided that I would give it some time and I am sure glad I did... They have grown on me and I am actually craving them!

I can see why what's his name on The Dr. Oz show was so obsessed with them. They hit the spot, take care of my hunger and I find that I can carry on with my day after having one instead of constantly thinking about what else I can eat....(that goes the same for the MySmartShakes, which I absolutely LOVE).

I also am thankful to have found healthy convenient snacks that my kids enjoy, well 3 of the 4 anyway...Moms you know the struggle is REAL. All in all I say give them an honest try and you might be surprised just how delicious healthy can taste.

Click Here to Order them through me & I will personally make sure you get the best deal and available discounts.

Live Well,

Founder I Blogger I Coach @ LiveWellMom

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