Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nourish, Protect & Renew with Cellsentials & The Happy Cook

Did you catch yesterday's episode of The Dr. Oz Show? 

I am so excited to try that Grilled Chicken & Fruit Salsa recipe Daphne Oz shared from her new book, The Happy Cook -- it looked absolutely Delish. Click Here for the recipe....mmm...mouth watering!

As a busy mom myself I can SO relate to the frustration of cooking meal after meal in the kitchen. Daphne's attitude of keeping cooking simple and fun while staying healthy was Refreshing!

Right after, The Happy Cook segment, Dr. Oz lead into the next topic of How to Nourish, Protect and Renew our bodies from the Inside Out. 

He brought on two Scientistic Experts, to help him explain:

1. Dr. Myron Wentz - my "Health Hero" and world renown Pioneer in Cellular Technology who also happens to be the Founder of USANA Health Sciences

2. Rob Sinnot, PHD - Chief Scientific Officier of USANA Health Sciences & leader in Life Science, Chemistry, Biotechnology & Nutrition

I think I replayed what they talked about at least 5 times because I could tell it was really important and exciting but it took my brain THAT long to process all the if all the science talk flew over your head as well, you are not alone. Here is the normal person interpretation:
  • Up until now, multi-vitamins have had the sole purpose of nourishing our body...we all know that good nutrition is important --  It helps improve everything from digestion to sleep to increasing energy levels.
  • Antioxidants from nutrition help our body protect itself from things like pollution, stress, illness & disease -- this is pretty much common knowledge as well.
  • What USANA has done with their CellSentials™ is added New Incelligence technology that triggers or signals our cells to make their own antioxidants which are many times more powerful than antioxidants from food or supplements, in protecting cells from damage and also renewing them or helping them regenerate themselves even after they have been damaged!
Did you just catch that?? This is a MASSIVE BREAK THOUGH is empowering our Bodies to HEAL themselves!

This is something we have suspected is possible for along time but NOW we have the actual science of how it can be TRIGGERED. 

USANA CellSentials™ are the ONLY Comprehensive Triple Action Support Multi-Vitamin Supplement that has this Powerful Technology!

This is a not just a step in the right direction but a Huge Leap forward & Discovery to Celebrate for families battling Degenerative Disease all over the World!

Dr. Oz said, "Just to be Clear to everybody, what we are saying here is that You Naturally, right now this minute inside of you have the ability to Heal Yourself. You knew that already, but think about how different life would be if you could figure out ways to let your cells clean themselves up, instead of allowing toxic substances to float around, they could scrub themselves clean and allow you to Live the Best Life Possible "

A Daily Dose of the CellSentials™ is 2 Core Minerals + 2 Vita-Anti-Oxidants in the AM with food & repeat in the PM.

Now you might be Wondering...Yeah but, how much does this stuff cost? 

  • In Canada a daily dose is $2.28
  • In the US a daily dose is: $2.08
I think you'd agree that is pretty affordable since we the average person normally spends that or more on coffee and treats per day!

Now I will Shamelessly plug myself as a USANA Wellness Consultant ;)
Yes I have upgraded my multi-vitamin to the Cellsentials and I recommend you do as well! I help people just like you create a personalized wellness plan to get the results you are looking for. 

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