Monday, October 3, 2016

13 Healthy Home Tips to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

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Healthy Home Tip #1 - Reduce the number of chemical cleaners you use, especially aerosols. Use cleaning products with ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years and have shown no toxic effects. Here are some simple DIY cleaners using safe natural ingredients. (pg. 68 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #2 - Use Gloves when cleaning with any product you wouldn't eat.  Cleaning products put toxins into our bodies through our skin and as we breathe.  Also add a few drops of real citrus scent/essential oil to a spray bottle of water to mist rooms for a fresh scent. (pg. 189 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #3 -  Use Skin Care products - lotions, antiperspirantcleaners, makeup and hair & body products - without chemical preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde releasing ingredients. Preservatives are designed to be cytotoxic, ie: they kill cells. Don't put anything on your skin that you would be toxic if you put it in your mouth. (pg. 69 of The Healthy Home Book

Healthy Home Tip #4 - Read the Label on your tube of toothpaste. Does it contain Fluoride? If so check the warning. Did you know that it can be fatal, especially in young children if swallowed. Read more about the dangers on page 87 and 88 of the The Healthy Home Book, and considering switching to a flouride- free toothpaste that contains safe and natural ingredients to give your family truly healthy and clean teeth.

Healthy Home Tip #5 - If you don't have an in home Reverse Osmosis system that removes fluoride, nitrate, bacteria  pesticides, solvents, lead etc. Consider at least using a pitcher with an activated carbon filter to reduce contaminants in your water. Although it won't filter out all pollutants, it's a good start at a low cost. (pg. 167 of The Healthy Home Book

Healthy Home Tip #6 - Continue to use regular incandescent light bulbs. CFLs (spiriarl shape, energy saving) provide unhealthy, harsh light and are extremely dangerous when they break. They release one of the most toxic chemical known to man - mercury vapor. They also only have one spectrum of light... leaving you feeling drained & lethargic. (pg. 182-183 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #7 - Replace all plastic containers with glass storage containers. Damaged plastic can allow dangerous chemicals to leak out. 
(pg. 151 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #8 - If you have ethernet ports in convenient areas you can access the internet using good old fashioned wiring or choose to turn off the home wifi at night so that it's not transmitting while sleeping. Also consider keeping your corded telephone and using it when at home or at work. Cutting even 20 percent of your daily RF exposure is a step in the right direction. (pg. 206 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #9 - Sleep in a very dark room without any gadgets that emit blue light. The body produces melatonin in the dark which induces sleep naturally. This can be interrupted by any light at night. (pg. 48-49 of The Healthy Home Book) 

Healthy Home Tip #10 - Try to get 6-8 hours 
of sleep each night. It's needed for cellular repair. Even a week of getting 2-3 hours less than optimum amount of sleep/night undermines, mood, alertness and performance. Consider taking a 
Natural Sleep Aid Supplement  such as USANA Pure Rest. (pg. 69 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #11 - Let dry-cleaning air at least a day or 2 outdoors or in your garage before putting it away in a closet. Perchloroethylene, a volatile organic compound used in dry-cleaning, is a proven dangerous chemical that stays in the fabric. Best to use “green or eco-friendly dry-cleaners.” (pg. 31 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #12 - After a long drive, consider parking the car outside for an hour or two before moving in into the garage. Your engine will cool without polluting your garage and living areas. (pg. 221 of The Healthy Home Book)

Healthy Home Tip #13 - Open a window whenever you can to the in some fresh, cleansing air. Believe it or not, the outside air is cleaner! (pg. 54 of The Healthy Home Book)


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