Thursday, November 3, 2016

REVIEW: The Fascia Blaster & The Cellulite Myth

About 6 months ago I was scrolling through my Facebook feed just like any other normal day when I came across a "suggested post" that looked like another one of those, too good to be true, Gimmicks. This one claimed to make cellulte disappear along with a host of other amazing health benefits.

I didn't pay much attention to it at first but after seeing the ad a few times over the next few days I decided to click to take a closer look. I mean if there really was a cure for cellulite I wanted to know about it. 

I was immediately drawn in as I watched video after video of testimonies and tutorials showing the magical powers of this white stick with pronged claws referred to as the "FasciaBlaster." 

Light bulbs switched on in my mind as I began to understand the very real science behind how the FasciaBlaster worked to reduce the look of cellulite, break down fats cells, improve muscle access, reduce scar tissue and joint pain, improve circulation and so much more.

"While diet and exercise are both so important for overall wellness and living a healthy life, neither of them address the root cause of the appearance of cellulite, which is tight fascia trapping the fat. Any fat that we have will push up through that “grid” like a marshmallow pushing through a chain-link fence. The FasciaBlaster® will scrub through the surface fascia, allowing fat to redistribute and lay flat, causing a more aesthetic look." ~ Ashley Black

I like to research the heck out of things before I buy and so over the next few days, I studied my way through Ashley Black's Blog and Youtube Channel. As I did I was reminded of this blue plastic Octopus massager that I had picked up years ago, at the checkout counter of a Winners store, but had never really used. While the claws looked quite a bit bigger, they did look very similar and I later found out that it was a tool the Ashley Black had actually used in her practice before she invented the FasciaBlaster.

So, I ravaged through my house and I put the word out to my family to be on the lookout for that blue Octopus thing.  In the meantime, I tried a couple of rolling massagers to see if I get the similar results. I followed Ashley's instructions to heat up with a hot bath/cardio, oil up and scrub the area's of my body that had cellulite... I could tell I got some blood flowing in my legs but that was about it.

A couple of days later, my 7 year old daughter came to me and said "Mommy, look what I found!" The Octopus had been located and although it was not the real thing, it was close and I was ecstatic to finally test it out!

After one self-treatment I was SOLD on fascia blasting and determined to order the real thing. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It hurt so good and I could tell it was doing everything Ashely Black said fascia blasting should do. I bruised pretty bad which was, as I had learned, a GOOD thing, because it meant the fascial adhesions were breaking up, smoothing out and blood flow was being restored to my skin, my muscles and other parts of my body that had been choked out by tight, sticky, crystallized fascia!

FYI - Fascia is that silky, web like connective tissue that you see when you cut through steak or peal back chicken skin. It encases our entire body, runs through everything and hold it all together. It hasn't been well studied and so most healthcare professionals do not understand it's importance. It's actually a complete and separate system of the body that has affects all others including our nerves, bones, veins, lymph etc. Whatever fat exists below the layer of tight fascia pushes through like a marshmallow through a chain link fence, giving the appearance of cellulite. 
Over the course of the next few weeks and months of fascia blasting I was delighted to find:
  • The tightness & uncomfortable swelling in my legs LESSENED
  • The dimples in my skin DIMINISHING
  • My skin looked more SMOOTH, VIBRANT and ALIVE than ever before
  • The subtle joint pain that had began after the birth of my fourth child DECREASING
  • The shape and size of my body changing and the SCALE DROPPING even though I was only (as usual) sticking to my healthy lifestyle habits about 65% of the time...

I began to see my body in a whole new way... I felt more confident and empowered to change and sculpt my body like I had never thought possible.

Truth be told, I was making progress with the "Octopus" and so I didn't immediately order the FasciaBlaster...but after about 3 months of using it a few times a week I could tell that my results had come to a stand still. I needed the smaller claws to break through the deeper layers of fascial adhesions. It was time to suck it up and pay the $89 US + shipping and exchange to have it shipped to Canada. And really... it's so worth it when you think about all that the FasciaBlaster does!

That was right around the time that Ashley Black was coming out with the "Fasciablaster Mini2  ." This version had only 2 claws instead of 4 but it seemed easier to use PLUS it had the"nugget" ends which is yet another secret weapon Ashley Black has invented for seasoned blasters to break up stubborn fascial adhesions and dig out dents. I had tested out the original version from a friend who had ordered one and while it was amazing, the Mini2 looked like the way to go for me so I stuck it out another couple months and ordered the day it became available for purchase.

I could barely contain my excitement the day my Mini2 arrived! My family thought I was crazy and maybe you do too but you know what? I am not alone... I am part of the FasciaBlasters Community that Ashley Black has created to support, encourage, educate and empower women. It's a private Facebook Group that was just a few thousand when I joined and over a matter of months has grown to over 100,000 members.  It's been about a month now since I started blasting with the real FasciaBlaster and let me tell is a GAME-CHANGER. 

Cellulite has been an issue I have had all my life no matter what age or what weight I have been. I can't remember ever not having lumpy legs with poor circulation and water retension. It's something very difficult for me to share but that is changing now because everyday in the FasciBlasters Group I see beautiful women who have the same body issues as me and we are all empowered to do something about it together thanks to Ashley Black. I had no idea it was all connected to the same root cause! 

There is so much to learn about Fascia but I am not the expert and honestly the best way is for you to learn from the Guru herself:
Get ready for a wild ride! Things you never dreamed possible ARE possible with the FasciaBlaster and once you join the group you will see all the progress photos and video's to prove it. No one is paid, including myself, to promote Ashley Black and her inventions. It's just all so revolutionary that we can't help but tell everyone we know!

For many women, like me, the initial appeal starts with how to get rid of Cellulite, but what we quickly discover is that it's about much more than that. The FasciaBlaster has become my go-to tool to treat my whole family for everything from sore feet, headaches, back pain, growing pains and the list goes on!

Once you start learning about fascia you will become absolutely fascinated with how it affects every system of your body. 

Ashley Black has an incredible story of her personal health battles that led her to find answers that no doctor seemed to be abe to give her. Her mission has now become to bring the science of fascia to the masses and has written a book about it called The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia. Within 4 hours of being available for PRE-SALE on amazon it hit #1!
Everyday leading up to the release of the book she is doing daily draw for a free FaceBlaster (don't get me started on the face blaster) for Pre-Sales of the Book -- all you need to do is pre-order and email a copy of your recipt to to be entered into the daily draw. Pretty Sweet Deal!

Pre-Order the Book on Amazon: The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia

Order the FasciaBlaster

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