Monday, January 23, 2017

Recipe: Sea Salt & Honey Roasted Almonds

For quick healthy snacks I often grab a handful of almonds. Today I was craving something a lil extra sweet & salty, so I decided to make my own Honey Roasted Almonds. Yum..... They hit the spot and kept me on track with my Clean Lifestyle Program. Bonus!

Sea Salt & Honey Roasted Almonds are quick and easy to make and have have 3 simple ingredients with a host of health benefits:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Recipe: High Protein Lentil Vegetable Soup


STEP 1 - Brown ground beef (I like using this frying pan), strain & rinse off excess fat. While beef is browning, saute chopped onion & garlic in olive oil, in a large pot, for about 5 minutes. 

STEP 2 - Add broth, bay leaves and parsley + Grind in Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper to onions & garlic and bring to a boil.